My entire 2013 has been full of synchronous events thus far.

After this one this morning, I had to decide to start posting about the more important, or “big” ones.

So, I wake up at 4:44am for my morning bathroom visit.   I head back to bed, knowing full well that I will lie there awake until I decide to just get up.  Anyhoo, as one does, all the usual early morning thoughts go through my head, landing on my early life as a Christian, and how different my faith is nowadays.  I remembered how, I guess, “bright” my first experiences after my salvation were.  How everything just seemed brighter, as if my eyes had been really opened to everything for the first time.  I thought about how different my life is now.  I still believe, but my eyes have gotten dull again over the years.  I will always believe that Jesus died for my sin.  I know that my salvation was/is real, but I wondered why things became the way they have – dull.  I ended up with thoughts of “doubt kills faith”, because when we start to question things, we become unsure about things.  Lo and behold, I get up at 5:18, come downstairs to check my email and this is my Daily Bread email that is waiting for me…  Thank you Jesus.  <3

Moving from Doubt to Faith

‘Lord, “Increase our faith.”‘ Luke 17:5 NKJV
Why do we experience so much doubt? (1) Because doubt satisfies our need for selfprotection We don’t like to be wrong, to get hurt, or to fail, so our subconscious reasoning says, ‘It’s easier not to trust, to lower my expectations so I won’t be disappointed.’ But you are disappointed, aren’t you? Why? Because of your doubt. (2) Because doubting comes easily We don’t wake up in the morning and say to ourselves, ‘Today I’m going to doubt God.’ No, doubt moves into a vacuum; it takes over when we don’t do the right things. ‘…Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.’ (Romans 10:17 NKJV) If you don’t keep your mind filled with God’s Word; you’ll be constantly assailed by doubts. (3) Because doubters are easy to find. Sometimes the people around us dwell on all the obstacles and difficulties, opening the door to doubt. And once that stream starts flowing, you get carried along with it. (4) Because doubting is contagious Doubt is easier to catch than the common cold, and its carriers are words. The Bible says, ‘You are trapped by your own words.’ (Proverbs 6:2 CEV) The words you speak (and listen to) will either build you up or tear you down, increase your faith or decrease it. For example, ‘What will I do?’ versus, ‘In God’s strength I can handle it.’ Or, ‘It’s awful’ versus, ‘It’s a learning experience.’ Or, ‘I see no way out’ versus ‘It’s not too big for God.’ Words are powerful things. They determine your outlook and approach to life. So in order to move from doubt to faith you must start eliminating unscriptural words from your life!