Synchronicity from 15 Feb 2013

Yes, well I guess EVERYONE has by now heard about the meteor that entered the earth’s atmosphere and exploded over Russia in February this year.

If not, here are some links for you.

Russian Meteor – Video

Russian Meteor Event – Wikipedia

Now, this alone really freaked me out considering what I have read and believe about Biblical prophecy about lots of strange weather events happening in the last days.  And boy, are they happening!!

BUT, the fact that I had come downstairs to find this news on my computer, straight after watching Seeking a Friend for the End of the World!!  D:  Well, yep, I was a bit rattled…

Thankfully I have calmed down about it now, and remembered that yes, these things HAVE been written about in the Bible, and I need not fear them, for my Lord is coming back, and THAT is something to keep an eye on the sky for.  <3