Dad’s Funeral ~ Monday 19th March, 2012 ~ 1pm (Written on Wednesday 21st March, 2012)

We held Dad’s funeral on Monday afternoon.

It had been raining for days beforehand, so I prayed and asked for the rain to stop on Sunday night and for it to be a fine day on Monday.  Monday was a beautiful, warm, sunny day.

One short, sharp shower came over not long after we had placed Dad’s casket into the hearse, and it was like a cleansing shower from God, washing away all the tears and pain.

Tuesday and today, Wednesday – it is overcast and rainy again…

Strangely, I cried my eyes our before and after I gave the Eulogy, but I stayed tear free during.

As Dad was a War Veteran, we included an RSL service.  It was lovely.  The entire funeral was lovely.  We included quite a few laughs in it, and I even had some of my cousins calling out reminders from the pews.  It was good.
We all have to face death don’t we.  Whether it be someone we love, someone we know, the truth of our own mortality…  We feel the loss of the familiar and it scares us.  I think there would be only a small minority of people in the world who could truly say that death and dying didn’t scare them.

I’m a Christian, I believe that when my earthly body is done here, I’ll enter into eternity to be with my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  But I am still scared of dying.  I believe that is because I am hanging on too tightly to the things of this world – things that don’t last.

I pray that will change and I will be prepared to let go of the material in order to grasp hold of the eternal.