A Face in the Clouds (Written Tuesday 20th March, 2012)

I sent my Daddy on his final journey yesterday afternoon.

It had been raining fairly constantly for the few days previously, and I prayed and asked God to stop the rain on Sunday night and Monday so that we could have Dad’s funeral dry and He did!!  Praise Him!!!  😀

After we – Me, Lou, Chrissie, Jay, Deane and Mark (in order – Me on left, Lou on right, Chrissie behind me, Jay across from her, Deane on left and Mark on right) – had taken Dad’s coffin out of the church to the hearse, and thanked those attending, a short, sharp shower came over us.  To me, it was special.  It was like God was saying, “here, wash away your sadness now.”

Dad’s funeral went well, or so I’m told.  I wish that I would have gotten around to see everyone who came to it before it started.  Jack and Lou and Tina Rock were there.  My cousins Teena and Bob Bryant drove down from Rocky at 4am that morning.  Peter and Mook and Karen were there.  Nana Joyce,  Toby, even Rick came.  Margaret Cook (nee Jacobi), Dad’s cousin was there.   Kylie from Deane’s work was there.  And so many more.

This morning I went to take photos of the sunrise and the clouds.  To my naked eye I could not see this, but through my viewfinder I saw a face.  And then another face.  Two different faces.  I haven’t checked my photos yet, because I am scared that I might find that it was a mark on the lens and not real faces in the clouds.  But I saw them when I was taking the photos, so that is enough for me.

Rest in Peace my Daddy.

I love you and will miss you always.

I hope you liked what we did for you yesterday.  xo